Own Assessment Center to develop an array of standardized and customized evaluation tools
to accurately assess a variety of language proficiency and global competences.
Personality test such as enneagram is also offered.

  • C-Test

    • English and Chinese speaking assessment tool
    • Chosen by more than 600 global enterprises to evaluate employees’ language skill
    • IBT and phone-based
  • Mock English Language Comprehension(ECL) Test

    • English language proficiency assessment tool, specifically developed for the international military students being considered for assignment or training in the United States or in the English language
    • On-line and off-line
  • G-CAT

    • Global competence assessment tool, evaluating nine areas of competence.
    • Results offer crucial basis for staff global competence development plan.
  • Enneagram

    • Human personality test as a typology of nine interconnected personality types
    • Useful tool for self-understanding and self-development