Solution Service


Solution Service includes contents development (in-house R&D center),
system development (LMS), and consulting service (business consulting)

Contents Development

  • In-house R&D center to develop and publish learning contents of various format and for multiple platforms.
    Client-specific customized contents development is one of its forte.

    • The In-house R&D center can develop the contents in accordance with clients’ specific needs for their job-related business
    • Include military, aviation, construction, electronic, cross-cultural contests, well-developed by consulting and interview of SMHs from the clients

System Development

  • The systems development team, in conjunction with the in-house R&D function,
    to offer customized systems and platforms for the clients’ various learning solutions.

    • The Learning Management System can be custom-designed to cater not only the academics or educational institutions but also the corporate training, recruitment and certifications.
    • Functions include deployment courses, management and communication with and among users, tracking performance and much more.

Consulting Service

  • Specialized service enabling the clients to systematically define their unique training needs
    and to put together dynamic and effective training program. HRD Consultation is another renown service.

    • Offers integrated services to assist with business strategy, HR, and innovations